Frequently Asked Questions - Section

FIP Cash Assistance


  1. Can I get some of my child support payments and get Family Independence Program FIP cash assistance at the same time?
  2. How much will my child support payment be when I am receiving FIP cash assistance?
  3. If I receive Medicaid for my child, will I receive medical support payments too?
  4. What if the parent pays every week? When will I receive a child support payment?
  5. If the parent does not pay each month, will I still get a child support payment and cash assistance?
  6. What if I have more than one child support case, will I receive more money?
  7. Is this the only form of child support I might get if I receive FIP cash assistance?
  8. Can I keep other types of state assistance I receive, like food assistance or Medicaid?
  9. If I have questions about my FIP cash assistance or other types of state assistance I receive (Medicaid, childcare or food assistance), who do I contact?
  10. I am receiving FIP cash assistance right now. On the MiChildSupport Payments Applied page, are the amounts showing in the 'Current' and 'Past-Due' columns correct?
  11. Why am I seeing the Assigned Support Information on MiChildSupport?
  12. Why would the state keep my child support payments?
  13. If I only have a Medicaid case, why would the state keep my support payments?
  14. What does it mean to "assign" or give up my rights to support?
  15. What are arrears?
  16. What happens to the child support payments after I no longer receive money from the State?
  17. What happens to the medical support payments after my Medicaid case closes?

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