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What documents might I see on the User Documents screen?


Documents may be accessed by users with full access from the user documents page.

Not all documents are available on MiChildSupport. Below is a list of currently available documents.

  • CLOSUREFOC-Case Closure-FOC
  • CLO_REOFOC-Case Closure Re-open - FOC
  • FEN003-Notice of Rights and Responsibilities
  • FEN046-Parenting Time Abatement Results Notice
  • FEN058-Income Withholding Order/Notice
  • FEN081-Notice of Intent to CRA
  • FEN215-Health Insurance Update Letter
  • FEN303-Parent Health Care Coverage Explanation Sheet
  • FEN58D-Order/Notice to Withhold Income
  • FEN58Y-Income Withholding Order/Notice for generated FEN58X
  • FEN801-EFT Start/Stop Form (CC25499)
  • FEN803-Emancipation letter to the CP
  • FEN850-Non-Custodial Party End of Year Statement
  • FEN851-Custodial Party End of Year Statement
  • RNMELIGLTR-Eligibility Letter
  • RNMRVWNOT-Review Notice

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