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I recently made a payment but it is not showing up on the MiChildSupport website. What happened to it?


If you believe a payment is not showing up and 5 business days have passed, there may be a delay:

  • Sometimes payments are delayed due to bank holidays, address errors or other case specific situations that require a payment to be temporarily placed on hold.
  • Checks sometimes arrive without all of the proper identifying information included such as Social Security Number, Docket Number(s), etc. Without this information, payments cannot be properly applied to the right case(s).
  • A paystub may indicate that Child Support was withheld from a pay check, but, there might have been a delay by the employer sending the funds. Be sure to check with the employer to find out if there was a delay.

Payments can be made using the Michigan State Disbursement Unit website at

Please contact the MiSDU at 1-877-543-2660 for payment information.

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