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Where can I find my child support IV-D Case Number/Docket ID?


A IV-D case number is a 9-digit number that usually begins with the number 9.
A docket number (also referred to as the court case number) contains 10-digits and begins with the year (for example 2016) and ends with alpha characters. Docket numbers may look like any of the following: 16-001234-DM, 16-1234-DM, 2016-001234DM, or 2016001234.

Below are examples of the type of mail you may have received from child support professionals, such as your Friend of the Court, and where you will typically find the IV-D case number and/or docket number.

IV-D case number example

IV-D Case Number Locator

Docket number example (also known as a court case number)
Docket Number Locator

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