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Common MILogin user issues


Create or use an existing MILogin FOR CITIZENS account and add MiChildSupport to the list of applications. This allows for one user ID and password for several state of Michigan systems and to pass through ID proofing to become a verified user of MiChildSupport

Here are the most common issues:

  1. MILogin Confusion: Not understanding what MILogin is and that there is a difference between MILogin and MiChildSupport.
    • MILogin is Michigan's application for accessing multiple departments with one user ID and password.
    • Current users of MIBridges, Secretary of State, DNR, MIWAM (UIA) already have a MILogin account - many do not realize they already have an account.
    • If you already have a MILogin account, as the screen shot below indicates, you should select 'Already have a MILogin Account'.
      screen shot of milogin instructions
    • If you do not have a MILogin account, existing MiChildSupport users with cases should select the middle button to CREATE a MILogin account.
    • After clicking on any of those buttons, follow the MILogin prompts.
    • IMPORTANT: MILogin requires a unique user ID and email addresses. If you try to create a user ID that is already existing, you will get an error message and told to create another user ID. You can try to create a MILogin account using your MiChildSupport credentials, but you may find that the user ID is already in use by someone else. In that case pick another unique user ID.
    • If you are getting an error message indicating that your email address or mobile number already exist, there is already a MILogin account with that information. Make sure someone else is not already using your account. You can also try clicking on FORGOT USER ID or FORGOT PASSWORD.
  2. How to add MiChildSupport to MILogin:
    • Upon successfully creating or signing into MILogin, a home page looks like this:
      screen shot of the M I Login home page/>
				<li>If MiChildSupport is not showing up on your page like it is on this above example, you need to REQUEST ACCESS as the arrow below shows:
					<br><img src=
    • Once you click on REQUEST ACCESS, you can start to type in MiChildSupport on the search line, or you can choose MDHHS from the department menu and then select MiChildSupport.
    • If you do not see MiChildSupport on your list, try clicking 'refresh' on your internet browser to see if it will appear.
    • Once you have added MiChildSupport, you will click on it and follow the prompts to link your existing cases to your account. You will be asked to enter your name, SSN and DOB and if all typed in correctly you will link to your child support case(s).
  3. Browser Issues: We recommend using Chrome if the 'continue' or 'next' buttons are not populating.
  4. Request a MiChildSupport Verification PIN: If you have successfully created your MILogin account but are told you need a MiChildSupport Verification PIN to verify yourself, this is because we need to properly identify who you are so you can view your case information. The MiChildSupport Verification PIN will be mailed to you to the last known address on file in our system. Optional: You can call your FOC to be verified on the phone and have the FOC provide your MiChildSupport Verification PIN.
    screen shot of request a pin page
  5. Link to your MiChildSupport Account: If you are having issues linking up to your old MiChildSupport account to your MILogin account by user ID and email address.
    • Did you type in the correct email address? You need to use the email address you used with your old MiChildSupport account
    • Did you type in the correct user ID? You need to type in your old MiChildSupport user ID.
    • If you forgot your MiChildSupport user ID, enter your email address, (case sensitive), that you currently have on file with MiChildSupport and we will provide previously used user ID's for you to select from.
  6. Confirm your Identity: You have created a MILogin for Citizens account or have logged in successfully. You were also able to add MiChildSupport to your MILogin home page application list. We need to confirm your identity for you to view your child support case(s).
    • Make sure you are entering all information exactly as requested.
    • Your name, SSN, and, DOB must match exactly what is entered in the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System, MICSES.
    • If you continue to get an error message, go to the TECHNICAL ISSUES & WEBSITE FEEDBACK page and provide the information requested.
      screen capture of M I child support error message
  7. Obtaining balances or other case information if you continue to have website issues:
    • Call the IVR 24/7 at 877-543-2660.
    • During work hours, call the SDU or your FOC to obtain balances.
    • Check your debit card balance by calling the number on the back of your card.

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